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Revolutionizing Urban Travel: Avium's Advanced Air Mobility Solutions

Our Products & Services

Vertiport SaaS Solution

Avium redefines urban transportation by remotely operating Vertiport infrastructures, leveraging advanced technology. Our IoT-equipped solutions seamlessly integrate IoT connectivity, robotic ground equipment, advanced sensor control, operational lighting systems, emergency preparedness, charging stations, and precise flight trajectory optimization. Avium offers the essential toolkit for Vertiport Operators to excel in real-time data management, safety enhancement, and efficient infrastructure maintenance.

eVTOL Operators

Empower eVTOL operators with our comprehensive suite of tools. From streamlining flight scheduling and approvals to optimizing routes and prioritizing operational safety, our software ensures smooth and efficient eVTOL operations. Maximize your fleet's potential while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

Connectivity to City Public Transportation

Avium's SaaS solution integrates seamlessly with the city's mobility system, ushering in a new era of resource optimization. By connecting with the larger urban mobility network, our platform ensures a holistic and resource-efficient approach to transportation. Whether as part of the greater system or functioning autonomously, Avium empowers cities to maximize the utilization of their mobility resources, promoting sustainable and self-sufficient urban mobility.

Travelers Experience (CX)

Delight passengers with an exceptional travel experience. Our messaging system keeps them informed, while terminal flow management minimizes delays and ensures continuous flow throughout the terminal. With secure digital identification, passengers enjoy a seamless and secure journey from start to finish, making eVTOL travel truly exceptional.

We work hand-in-hand with our partners to achieve our shared objectives.

To deliver such an ambitious solution, we need great partners. Avium works with the industry's top-tier companies and consultants. The combined experience in aviation, technology, and innovation allows Avium’s VOMS to deliver efficiency and throughput, resulting in the highest economic output for the stakeholders.

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