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Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to make UAM a sustainable and economically viable mode of mass transportation. 

Our vision is a world where people can conveniently commute for work and travel for leisure with affordable zero-emission by air.


Our Story

Since 2020, Avium Inc. has been building large and complex software for transportation, from business aviation to Urban Air Mobility. 

We have developed the market's most powerful algorithm capable of returning the largest amount of available jets to customers

Advanced Air Mobility and especially Urban Air Mobility (UAM), aiming to resolve the traffic congestion, pollution, cost, and other challenges of current transportation systems, are the next page in our journey as a company. This industry segment will face colossal performance pressure when UAM hits its maturity, but it also represents the ecosystem's most significant revenue opportunity. Avium’s vertiport operations and management system will bring automation, efficiency, and economic viability to UAM infrastructure – vertiports. 

Two schools regarding how future mobility, including UAM, should be set up. 

One side claims it will be just an extension of existing transportation systems, introducing some variations while preserving the current transportation industry, its values, and standards.  

The other states that fulfilling UAM/AAM potential in sustainability, convenience, and economics requires a complete rethinking of the transportation fundamentals because the existing model, due to constraints in operational density, incorporating autonomy, regulatory frameworks, etc., will fail to support it. This is the school of thought Avium supports. 

Building future mobility is a great privilege, and Avium’s 60+ years of shared experience in air transportation and operations, autonomy, and implementation of complex IT projects will help us succeed. 


Domain Experts

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