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Intelligent Infrastructures 
Built for Tomorrow's Air Mobility

Vertiport Operations and Management Software - VOMS

A powerful tool for testing and certifying. Can contribute to social acceptance growth.



Wolfi will take care of the text.


EcoSystem Components

Similar to any platform, the software components have service providers on one side and buyers on the other. Avium’s VOMS is in the middle and adds value to some services, bundles others, and builds new ones. The main tasks of VOMS are to optimize operations to create the best economic output, ensure mission-critical data are delivered on time, and keep the data away from cyber harm.

Software System's Components


A Competitive Edge for Vertiport Developers

For vertiport developers, partnering with a vertiport operations and management system provider like Avium delivers a complete, turn-key solution and an instant competitive advantage over those lacking the ability to automate and run their infrastructure.

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