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Avium specializes in developing intelligent software to manage and automate future air mobility.

Our SaaS solution is a comprehensive platform designed to optimize throughput, manage safety systems, and cyber-secured connectivity and communication dedicated to eVTOL operators and vertiport managers.

SaaS Solution

Providing the foundation for eVTOL mobility, our solution operates IoT connectivity, robotic ground equipment, connected sensors, and much more.

eVTOL Operators

Empowering eVTOL operators with seamless flight scheduling, planning, and unwavering operational safety.

Connected to the City Mobility System

Efficiently synchronizing VTOL traffic with the city mobility system.

Travelers Experience (CX)

Enhancing passenger journeys with messaging, terminal management, delay mitigation, continuous flow, and secure digital identification.


We aim to deliver the best vertiport throughput.

Most of the investments in AAM/UAM so far have been in eVTOL - the flying vehicles, and rightly so. But once the eVTOLs become reliable and safe to fly, they will need a place to land and take off. This is where vertiports come into the picture, and now, several years before eVTOLs are commercially available, is the right time to get involved.

UAM, in its scale and availability, will be closer to today’s ground transport than traditional aviation, which means the number of vehicles and flights a vertiport will have to handle will be much larger than that of even the busiest airports today. New York City’s JFK airport pre-pandemic operated around 1300 movements per day. By 2030, each of New York City’s 40+ vertiports will, on average, handle twice as many. Vertiport throughput will be one of the biggest challenges for mass deployment of UAM, requiring less than a minute movement window.



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Vertiport Projects

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Are You Ready to take part in the future of UAM?

Our team, armed with industry experience and an MIT background, is uniquely positioned to tackle the task of vertiport throughput. However, the challenge is too big for any one company to handle. Only the UAM stakeholder community can provide all the needed answers (or even ask the right questions).

We invite you to join our community of experts to share Vertiport Operations and Management Software.

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